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The canistedda is a traditional Sardinian basket that has been used for centuries in the preparation of pasta and bread. Sardinia is a land with a very strong cultural identity where traditions and artisanal knowledge still play a big role in everyday life. Many Sardinian households display this iconic basket in their kitchen and the older generations still use it every day while making fresh pasta and traditional carasau bread. The canistedda means home and good food for Sardinian people and this is what we aim to bring to you. 

culurgioni hands_edited.jpg

Culurgiones, also known as culurgionis, are a unique type of stuffed pasta from the Ogliastra region in Eastern Sardinia. Similar to dumplings, they are traditionally filled with a creamy potato mixture seasoned with Pecorino cheese and fresh mint, and served with a simple tomato sauce. The "spighitta," the distinctive closure of the culurgiones, recalls the shape of wheat. Culurgiones were, in fact, traditionally used to celebrate the beginning and end of the wheat harvest and embody a rich tradition as a symbol of abundance and the celebration of Nature's gifts.

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